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The successful candidate should meet the following qualifications and competencies:

In addition to the qualifications set forth in the job standards, candidates should possess native Spanish language proficiency and excellent interpretation and translation skills.

An advanced degree, preferably in a language-related field, economics, and/or law, and have a minimum of four years of professional experience in translation and interpretation in the economic and financial fields.

Other requirements include: 

Superior knowledge of translation and revision procedures and techniques and of policies, practices, and technologies; experience working in a technologically advanced environment, using CAT tools and translation management systems; capacity to work well under pressure and to adapt rapidly to changing requirements while maintaining high levels of production and quality; ability to work as part of a team; good interpersonal skills; and ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with IMF staff at all levels. Proven project management skills, experience in leading and supervising teams, and ability to manage multiple requests and prioritize tasks would be regarded as assets.

Shortlisted candidates will be required to take an interpretation, translation and revision tests and will be invited to an interview.