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A first-level degree from a university or institution of equivalent status.

Candidates for this position must have passed the combined United Nations Language Competitive Examination for Translators/Précis-writers, Editors, Verbatim Reporters and Copy Preparers/Proofreaders/Production Editors in Spanish or any relevant United Nations language competitive examination in Spanish held before 2017.

Work Experience

A minimum of five years of experience in translation, précis-writing, editing, self-revision, verbatim reporting, copy preparing, proofreading or production editing is required.
Experience in the use of standard computer-assisted-translation (CAT) tools is required.
Three years of experience working within a multilingual setting is desirable.
Experience working within the United Nations or a similar international organization is highly desirable. Out of the afore-mentioned experience, a minimum of three years of revision experience is desirable.
Legal, scientific or technical expertise relevant to the topics dealt with at the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) will be considered an asset.


Fluency in Spanish, which must be the candidate’s main language.

Spanish translators must also have knowledge of English and, preferably, of one other official United Nations language, as tested by the relevant United Nations language competitive examination.