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Key Responsibilities: 

Using CAT technology and in-house proprietary tools, provides clear, concise and user-friendly translations from a source language into a target language.
When translation work is outsourced to a vendor, performs quality assurance and linguistic checks according to departmental guidelines.
Creates and maintains terminology and translation memory databases.
When applicable, performs quality-assurance testing on target-language applications. Provides linguistic feedback from a target-language end-user’s perspective.
Manages workload effectively, consistently meeting project milestones set by Localization Project Managers.
Provides accurate accounting of work and time allocation.
Works proactively to build knowledge of assigned applications and use of CAT technology.

Key Requirements/Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

Higher-level degree or translation accreditation combined with relevant work experience
Requires three to five years of translation experience
Native speaker of target language with near-native written and spoken English
Self-starter with the ability to work independently
Able to work effectively as part of distributed, virtual project teams
Excellent PC skills, including high-level knowledge of computer operating systems, MS Office applications and CAT technology
Possesses very good knowledge and understanding of CAT technology and is comfortable within the IT context

Preferred Qualification:

Industry specific knowledge or experience