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In this role you will: 

Help ensure brand quality and integrity across all languages
Inform decisions related to multilingual Product offerings
Reconcile conflicts in preference or opinion among translators, reviewers, client contacts, and university partners
Control consistency and quality before, during, and after initial translation efforts by directly managing and editing linguistic assets such as Translation Memories, translation files, and Glossaries
Review and implement feedback from scheduled QA runs and other sources using various translation and defect tracking tools
Support and advise translation vendors
Provide small scale, just-in-time translations
What positions you for success:

General translation, editing, and proofreading, including MTPE (to and from English)
Terminology management
Using Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and Translation Management Systems (TMS)
Working with bug tracking tools for software development
Studying or teaching academic topics related to corporate education or management/leadership training
Tools and methodology for developing and designing eLearning based instruction
Working with the challenges that organizational leaders face in the current business environment, particularly in regions where ExO's target languages are relevant