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The Role: 

As Newsela’s Spanish Production Lead, you’ll get to set the vision for how Spanish can and should be used across one of the most promising literacy products in the K-12 education space. This position is first and foremost an experienced and thoughtful Spanish translator. Your goal will be to set standards around our Spanish content that provides maximum accessibility for all Spanish speakers. You will coordinate with the editors of our English-language content to ensure that for some more timely Spanish content, it runs alongside its English counterpart. You will also work extensively with freelance contributors and will be responsible for clearly and concisely communicating feedback and providing training via webinars. In addition to your editorial production work, you’ll track and communicate reporting on usage of our Spanish product, leveraging insights to inform future production strategy and roadmap.

Why You’ll Love This Role:

This role allows you to create standards around content site-wide that will shape the way students learn how to write, read and absorb information. Your work will directly contribute to ensuring educators are equipped with the content and tools necessary to deliver representative, culturally responsive instruction, and in turn help deepen the impact of our mission to make reading accessible and engaging for all learners. 

Why We’ll Love You: 

You have the 7+ years of demonstrably strong translation experience, including rapid translation work. Your passion for Spanish will help us make our content more inclusive and accessible. You appreciate the complexity of Spanish dialects, English idioms and expressions in translation, and are able to give guidance around translations that will be easily readable to Spanish speakers around the world (both native speakers and English readers learning Spanish). You have the technical abilities needed to provide quantitative measures of success for the work you do and the business acumen to guide decision-making around the expansion of Spanish language content. You are comfortable with ambiguity as well as decision-making, managing projects and giving and receiving feedback.