Main Activities of the Teacher of Spanish


To establish and make explicit the aims and objectives of the Spanish Department and to help to evaluate and develop curricula to meet these objectives, within the Languages department.
To plan and teach excellent lessons.
Build good relationships with all students.
Be a leading classroom practitioner with a proven track record of success.
Mark and assess student work regularly.
To teach Spanish at GCSE and A Level, especially the new courses.
To teach Spanish literature and films at A‐Level.
Conduct GCSE and A‐Level Spanish Speaking Examinations.
Needs to be committed to strategies to improve teaching and learning.
Develop the skills of learners to equip them for the 21st century.
To ensure that appropriate differentiation of the curriculum is made to meet the needs of all levels of student ability.
To promote teaching and learning styles which stimulate pupil interest and involvement in learning.
To keep up with developments in Languages and Spanish teaching through attending appropriate INSET, including use of ICT in the classroom.
Co-ordinate Spanish native speakers’ preparation for GCSE and A Level examinations and to conduct those examinations (please note that timetabled lessons are included for this element of the post)