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You Might Fit This Role If:

You are looking for a flexible work opportunity where you contribute to projects and grow your skills
You enjoy working independently
You want to do internet-based work from home
You speak, read and write the languages listed below
Or you have an academic and professional linguistic background

Language Available:


Projects You May Be Assigned To:

Voice Data Collection - The work involves recording your voice while reading short prompts from an online phone application.
Translation - The work will involve translating contents from one language to another.
Transcription - The work will involve converting audio files to text using an internet browser-based tool.
Text Data Collection - The work will involve answering a series of questions using the language dialect required.
Speech Evaluation - The work will involve listening to speeches read by a computer-generated voice and rating them according to how naturally they sound.
Pronunciation Specialist - The work will involve populating map data with accurate local pronunciations.
Prompt Disambiguation - The work will involve classifying audio prompts into common words, proper noun, action word, etc. and edit misspelled words if there is any.

Your assignment will depend on your qualifications and the availability of project.


Work Schedule:

Flexible, but may vary on the project you’ll be assigned to

Minimum Qualifications:

Currently living in and legally permitted to work in Spain
Access to a computer with a sound card and speakers, and/ or access to a smartphone
Access to a secure high-speed internet connection and a quiet workspace
Good English comprehension
Ability to work with applications, troubleshoot software, and execute instructions independently