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Tutoring jobs in Skype: Spanish language.
Specialties: General.
Age range of target audience: Not Specified (1-100).
Hi Paula I am interested in learning Spanish and getting involved in conversational groups online.
Perhaps we can chat?


Focus on individual student's strengths and requirements.
Draft a customized syllabus according to the needs of the student.
Teach the student using study materials and aids with clarity.
Focus on the student's capabilities to derive the best learning outcome.


Be able to use interactive learning aids during lessons.
Must be able to analyze the thought process of the student and encourage discussion and debate.
Must be positive, well-mannered and approachable.
Be able to analyze learning problems and come up with creative solutions.

We Offer

Work according to your own flexible schedule.
Experience of teaching students from all over the world.
Friendly and creative international team.
Salary based on your working hours.