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Designing, developing and maintaining intelligent natural language-based solutions.
Using native language skills including the full range of syntax and semantic aspects to build natural language algorithms.
Utilizing several technical skills to enhance natural language capabilities through integrations, interfaces and additional coding.
Analyzing session log files and conversations datasets to determine relevant development options in order to achieve a human-like experience with the chatbot.


Degree in Spanish Philology and MSc or PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or a related technical field;
Proficient in English and Spanish;
Love for the Spanish Language from a structural and architecturally point of view;
Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase is a plus;
Open to work with humans and bots.

Please, don’t apply if you don’t fit the criteria by 90%.

• Open to work with humans and bots

Salary to be negotiated according to experience.